Everything you need to keep your classes running online.

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We have the eLearning solutions to give your students interactive lessons from anywhere on any device. As an instructor, you can assign hand-picked courses, track learning for each student, and have peace of mind as your class continues on schedule.

Choose from over 300 courses totaling 3,000 hours of learning to develop a customized solution for your students. From basic to advanced, our interactive, multimedia eLearning will keep even the most hands-on students engaged with the online content.  Plus, our eLearning incorporates virtual trainers to teach hands-on skills, even in a remote, online environment.


eLearning Courses

We have eLearning courses for all topics in STEM and Career and Technical Education, including:

  • Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Automation & Robotics
  • CNC & Machine Tool
  • Welding
  • Science
  • Industrial Technology
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Logistics

Available eLearning courses can be delivered to all ages and skill levels, from K-12 to post-secondary and even incumbent workers in the industrial space.

Talk to a member of our team for…

    • Demo access to preview different eLearning course options
    • Crosswalking your course needs to our curriculum
    • One-on-one webinar to preview eLearning and ask questions

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Virtual trainers bring hands-on skills to online curriculum content.

eLearning Packages

We offer the most customizable options for eLearning packages to ensure your exact needs are met. You can choose…

Number of courses:¬†Whether you’re teaching one course or utilizing the platform for a school-wide site license, we’ll have an option for you.

Number of learners: You may have a single class with small enrollment, several classes with different instructors, or an entire institution that needs to access the curriculum. We’ve got you covered.

Length of subscription: The COVID-19 crisis has led schools to a sudden migration to eLearning for the remainder of the school year. We can offer subscriptions that get you through the year. Most schools are strategizing for the 2020-2021 academic year, and most will utilize an increased amount of eLearning. We can provide that access.

Talk to a member of our team for…

    • A one-on-one consultation to see course offerings and subscription options
    • Demo access to eLearning platforms
    • Pricing options based on course access, number of learners and length of subscription

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Virtual Trainers

We offer dozens of virtual trainers that can provide hands-on industrial skills to students from home or the classroom. Virtual trainers are a great tool for distance learning, and they supplement lectures and in-person instruction for flipped classrooms and hybrid course structures.

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Software for Remote Labs

We offer several solutions that allow your students to continue hands-on lab experiments from any location. These are great for remote or even blended learning situations. Students can interact with hardware using these newly-developed software solutions.

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