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We have the eLearning solutions to give your students interactive lessons from anywhere on any device. As an instructor, you can assign hand-picked courses, track learning for each student, and have peace of mind as your class continues on schedule.

Choose from over 300 courses totaling 3,000 hours of learning to develop a customized solution for your students. From basic to advanced, our interactive, multimedia eLearning will keep even the most hands-on students engaged with the online content.  Plus, our eLearning incorporates virtual trainers to teach hands-on skills, even in a remote, online environment.


Online curriculum allows students to access courses from any device.

eLearning Courses

We have eLearning courses for all topics in STEM and Career and Technical Education, including:

  • Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Automation & Robotics
  • CNC & Machine Tool
  • Welding
  • Science
  • Industrial Technology
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Logistics

Available eLearning courses can be delivered to all ages and skill levels, from K-12 to post-secondary and even incumbent workers in the industrial space.

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    • Demo access to preview different eLearning course options
    • Crosswalking your course needs to our curriculum
    • One-on-one webinar to preview eLearning and ask questions

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Virtual trainers bring hands-on skills to online curriculum content.

eLearning Packages

We offer the most customizable options for eLearning packages to ensure your exact needs are met. You can choose…

Number of courses: Whether you’re teaching one course or utilizing the platform for a school-wide site license, we’ll have an option for you.

Number of learners: You may have a single class with small enrollment, several classes with different instructors, or an entire institution that needs to access the curriculum. We’ve got you covered.

Length of subscription: The COVID-19 crisis has led schools to a sudden migration to eLearning for the remainder of the school year. We can offer subscriptions that get you through the year. Most schools are strategizing for the 2020-2021 academic year, and most will utilize an increased amount of eLearning. We can provide that access.

Talk to a member of our team for…

    • A one-on-one consultation to see course offerings and subscription options
    • Demo access to eLearning platforms
    • Pricing options based on course access, number of learners and length of subscription

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Virtual Trainers

We offer dozens of virtual trainers that can provide hands-on industrial skills to students from home or the classroom. Virtual trainers are a great tool for distance learning, and they supplement lectures and in-person instruction for flipped classrooms and hybrid course structures.

Click here to go to our Virtual Trainers page and see more!

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eLearning options are available for learners of every age and skill level.

Learning Management System

All of our eLearning options come with full instructor LMS. This gives you total control over student access to courses and customization of learning modules. You can track learners’ progress and activity on their account, create and assign quizzes and assessments. Even easily download all data to track in your school’s system.

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    • An inside look at the LMS for different eLearning options
    • Get all your individual questions answered

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We are the Midwest's premiere provider of eLearning for STEM and Technical Education.

eLearning Resources

We created a 5 Step Guide to help you quickly implement a remote learning program that keeps your learners engaged with their courses. Click here to download the guide.

See eLearning options in these brief video webinars. Choose a topic, fill out the form, and watch the video on-demand. Video options:

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