As manufacturing becomes more automated, traditional skills like welding are following suit. There will always be a need for highly-skilled welders, but as more companies invest in robotic welding, individuals with both skillsets have an added advantage.

To help train these individuals, FANUC Robotics has teamed up with Miller and APT Manufacturing Solutions to offer the world’s first fully-integrated weld CERT cart just for education.

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FANUC Robot Features

FANUC Miller Welding CERT Cart

FANUC Miller Welding CERT Cart

The robotic arm used is a FANUC ARC Mate 50iD/7L, which is meant for high speeds and extra long reach. The standard IP67 rating gives it the versatility to work in a variety of different harsh manufacturing environments, like dusty and wet areas.

FANUC’s ArcTool software provides additional learning in a virtual environment. This will help students get comfortable programming and operating the welding robot before they get hands-on with the real cell.

Miller Welding Features

The Miller power source includes the cutting-edge automated welding features you’d expect from the world’s leading welding manufacturer. For example, Versa-Pulse and Accu-Pulse instantly make adjustments to handle weld tacks, large gaps and inconsistent parts. The result? Higher quality welds and fewer weld defects.

Teach robotic welding and Industry 4.0 technology with another great feature: Miller’s Insight Core data analytics technology. With Insight Core, vital production metrics like amps, volts, wire feed speed, arc on time and more are automatically recorded to help your students improve their skills. This data is available online, and the platform allows students to monitor, manage and manipulate the data for actionable improvement.

CERT Program Features

This robotic weld cell is part of FANUC’s ARC Certified Education Robotic Training (CERT) program, which includes a number of incredible bonuses available only to education. Such features include:

  • FANUC ARC CERT gift-in-kind package for qualified schools
  • The same R30iB Mate plus controller used across FANUC’s robotic platform
  • Advanced academic software/ARC bundle
  • ARCTool student certificate program
  • Optional iRVision

Schools all over the country have taken advantage of FANUC’s CERT program to train up students in industrial robotics technology. Now, you can upgrade your program with a robotic weld cell!

Learn more about the FANUC-Miller Weld CERT Cart

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