LAB Midwest Announces Metal 3D Printing for Education
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Mequon, WI — LAB Midwest announced this week that it has partnered with the company whose 3D printers produce the strongest parts available on the market today and whose technology is used in authentic industrial applications.  Recently backed by investment capital from Microsoft, Porsche and Siemens, the technology of LAB Midwest’s newest partner has proven ideal for authentic industrial applications.  Collaborating with LAB Midwest to expand their presence in the education market in seven U.S. States is additive manufacturing innovator Markforged.  Under the moniker “Print Stronger”, Markforged has developed a wide variety of 3D printing solutions to meet the requirements of every education market.

The Markforged product lineup is comprised of robust Desktop 3D Printers including the Onyx 1, Onyx Pro and Mark 2, capable of printing in a wide variety of materials including carbon fiber to produce reinforced parts much stronger than any other printer on the market today.

Also available are Industrial-Grade Printers like the Mark 7 and the Metal X, for use in applications such as machine tools, fixtures and end-of-arm robotic tooling.  These products are delivered at price points appealing to K-12 School Districts, Technical and Community Colleges and Universities for use in myriad applications.

From early in the discussions of a potential relationship it was clear to both companies that the fit was right.

“LAB Midwest has a long history of connecting cutting edge technology and education,” noted Markforged Founder and CEO Greg Mark, “and we are excited to partner to bring industrial grade tools to students who share our passion for engineering.”

Important to LAB Midwest are the genuine industrial applications offered by Markforged, including the ability to print in a wide variety of composites and in metal.  “We see little learning in a 3D printer used to download a file from the internet and print out a figurine,” said LAB Midwest CEO Renee Kirchner.  “Markforged offers the opportunity to teach many mechanical engineering disciplines, including material selection, strength of materials, strength to weight ratios, tool design and return on investment just to name a few.”

“The Markforged proprietary Eiger Software will enable our customers who teach machining, fabrication and automation to design machine fixtures and end-of-arm tools utilizing a school’s CAD software and print these for use in their existing equipment.  That’s what authentic industrial 3D printing looks like.”

LAB Midwest demonstrated the Industry 4.0 aspects of Markforged at a recent trade show where attendees watched as a file generated in the LAB Midwest Tech Center in Mequon, WI, was delivered wirelessly to a printer on the tradeshow floor which printed the part in carbon fiber.

The entire process was monitored from the Tech Center twenty miles away.  Students of LAB Midwest’s customers will be able to learn and demonstrate the same technology.  “Imagine a student being able to send a design for an industrial grade part from her smart phone at the dinner table to a 3D printer located at her school,” Kirchner said.

Markforged and LAB Midwest plan several events at the LAB Midwest Tech Center to demonstrate this revolutionary technology.  In addition, several roadshows to LAB Midwest customers across 7 Midwest states are planned for the coming month.

To learn more about Markforged or to arrange a visit to your school, contact us.

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