Introducing the Machine Tending Education Cell
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Rochester Hills, MI – This week the FANUC CERT Education group introduced the New (Machine Tending Education Cell) MTEC.  The new system is available exclusively through FANUC’s Education Authorized Resellers and represents a joint commitment to bring authentic industrial technology to education.

The MTEC enables education programs to teach Robot-Loaded Machining using an industrial-grade FANUC Robot integrated with virtually any CNC Mill or Lathe (See Video of the MTEC in Action).

Robot-Loaded Machining, in which an industrial robot loads a machining center, has become increasingly prevalent in industry.  This process enables manufacturers to improve throughput and precision while reducing risks to workers.  Individuals trained in both CNC Machining and Advanced Automation are in higher demand and command greater salaries than those competent in only one of the two disciplines.

Thus interest has grown among industrial employers in candidates who understand both CNC and Advanced Automation and who have the capability to operate and program both robots and CNC controls.  Consequently these employers have encouraged their local technical and community colleges and high schools to integrate robot-loaded machining into their programs.

Unique to the MTEC is its wide versatility.  Many CNC programs standardize on a certain brand of CNC machine and control and the MTEC was designed to integrate with almost all of the most common ones, including the FANUC ROBODRILL and machines manufactured by Mazak, Okuma, Doosan and Haas Automation.

“We are so excited to introduce the Machine Tending Education Cell to our customers,” noted Paul Holslin of LAB Midwest, LLC, the exclusive distributor of the MTEC in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  “I’ve been in this business for more than 30 years and I know when a product fills a large void in the market.  This one nails it.”

The MTEC can be integrated with a center, front or side load machine, comes configured with load and unload program templates, a built-in lockable tool box and a flexible drawer load.  The unit fits through a standard door.

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to contact LAB Midwest, LLC by emailing

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