New 3D Printing Material: Precise PLA in 8 Colors
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Now you can 3D print precise, strong parts in color!

Precise PLA in different colorsExciting news! Precise PLA is a new material released by Markforged for their Onyx Pro and Mark Two desktop printers. With this new material, it’s now even easier to prototype, create custom tooling, and fabricate end-use parts all on one platform.

3D printing users will be familiar with PLA, but there’s something special about this type of PLA. We’ll get into the details below, but first…

We’re also excited to share that this new material comes in a variety of bright colors: yellow, red, green, blue, orange, black, white, and gray! These 8 color options add a new dimension to Markforged’s industry-leading lineup of 3D print materials.

Fab Labs, educators and students alike will love having these color options for their 3D printing projects!

What is Precise PLA?

Precise PLA is Markforged’s specialized version of one of the most common prototyping materials in the additive manufacturing industry, Polylactic Acid (PLA). You’ve probably used PLA in your 3D printer before, but this material is done the “Markforged way” – meaning it’s designed for industrial applications.

All of Markforged’s technology centers around The Digital Forge – the ecosystem of hardware, software and materials that makes up a true Industry 4.0-grade 3D printing process. The Digital Forge has been calibrated, with changes in Eiger software, to print Precise PLA with excellent quality and repeatability.

Watch this video from Markforged to learn more about Precise PLA:

Precise PLA: Not your average plastic

Markforged has always set itself apart from other brands by designing their printers for industrial applications first. When you put industrial-grade technology in your classroom, your students are gaining incredible experience they can take directly to the workforce. They’re not just learning how to use a 3D printer. They’re learning material science, engineering design, quality control, prototyping, and much more.

Precise PLA primarily focuses on accuracy and durability – just like industry needs. But now you have an 8-color palette to choose from, allowing your students to explore more creativity in the 3D printing process. And it comes at a more affordable price point that’s perfect for education.

Here’s what Zero Tolerance LLC President and CEO Steve Michon has to say about the new material:

“When using other 3D printers and PLA materials, the results were not as precise as required, even after multiple iterations. Printing parts to the size and quality we need, with the required functionality and at a great price point is critical for our business.”

Zero Tolerance has also taken advantage of the color options for a functional purpose. In addition to prototyping, Zero Tolerance also uses Precise PLA in conjunction with Markforged’s high-strength composite materials to print fiberglass-reinforced assembly tools with color-coded handles printed in Precise PLA — the colors help the operator quickly identify the correct tool for each job, thereby reducing mistakes and improving efficiency. Michon added,

“With this new material, we can now utilize our Markforged printer to deliver great results repeatedly throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. This is the most reliable additive platform we’ve ever used. It just works.”

New Material = New Learning Opportunities!

Historically, Markforged users have created mission critical, tools and end use parts with Markforged’s high quality printers and high-strength materials. Users love the ability to print reinforcement materials on the desktop series especially.

Now, Precise PLA adds a new dimension to this spectrum of materials. It’s more affordable, and though durable, it’s designed for prototyping. Since Precise PLA, Onyx and Continuous Fibers all have different strengths, costs, and use cases, teachers can built choice of material into 3D printing projects.

Markforged President and CEO Shai Terem sums up Precise PLA as,

“A material devoted to lower-cost concept models and prototypes was a top feature request from Markforged customers. We heard this feedback and fine tuned our software and printers to print in Precise PLA, now giving our users an added dimension of versatility. We also hope this update empowers our customers to have a little more fun in the design process with the added splash of colors. This is just one more example of how the Digital Forge constantly powers new applications and gets better as we take in more data and feedback from our install base.”

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