Bayport Technical

Bayport Technical designs and manufactures training simulators and educational models for a wide range of technical areas, like instrumentation and process control, oil and gas, fluid power, heat transfer, electrical maintenance, mechanical maintenance, HVAC and more. These heavy-duty trainers are built for hands-on practice and preparation for upskilling individuals for industrial careers. 

Bayport specializes in working demonstrators and trainers that provide in-depth skill development for industrial processes, as well as cutaways and models that show the inner-workings of industrial equipment, structures and technical processes.

Bayport Technical has products for

Electro-Mechanical Fluids Heat Transfer Instrumentation and Process Control Oil and Gas
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Bayport Electro-Mechanical Maintenance training products are designed to provide future maintenance and operations personnel hands-on exposure to a variety of common mechanical situations inherent to industrial processes. Students progress through the full range of required skills using one comprehensive training unit and develop skills associated with electro-mechanical maintenance, including vertical and various horizontal shaft alignment, gear drives, belt drives, chain drives, pump maintenance, and lock-out/tag-out.


Bayport’s Fluids Demonstration Models are a very popular tool to teach students the sight and sound concepts of fluid flows which cannot be experienced with drawings or computer simulations.

Heat Transfer

Bayport Technical’s Heat Transfer training products teach key skills related to the installation, operation, and maintenance of heat transfer components and systems. Products found within Bayport Technical’s Heat Transfer category cover applications commonly found in chemical plants, HVAC applications, power stations, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, and more.

Instrumentation and Process Control

Bayport Technical’s range of instrumentation and process control trainers prepare learners for monitoring and controlling machines, systems and processes in fields like chemicals, energy, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more. These trainers teach valuable skills in level, flow, temperature, analytical, and pressure.

Oil and Gas

Bayport Technical offers Oil & Gas training solutions focused on important processes critical for oil & gas training programs. These products will be instrumental in preparing learners for careers throughout a variety of energy-related industries. These Oil & Gas training aids allow learners to gain hands-on experience with real-world components that they’ll see in real industry facilities.