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Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Engineering, STEM

Product Types: Kit, Training Equipment

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The full set of Engineering Science Kits by TecQuipment teaches the fundamentals of engineering science topics. With more than 60 different experiments on a mobile cart, this set is great for the classroom settings. This set consists of 18 different kits (ES2 to ES19) and three work panels (ES1) allowing for at least 3 sets of students to work with any 3 experiments at the same time. The kits are organized on a trolly with lockable wheels allowing for mobility or a stable workspace. Designed with the classroom in mind, this unit contains spare storage trays providing an organized space to house materials like coursework, worksheets, or guidance notes.

Learning Outcomes

With so many different experiment kits included, there are many different learning outcomes in this set. See specific kit details for more information.

Product Details

The full set of Engineering Science Kits (ES2 to ES19) and the three work panels (ES1) Create over 60 experiments in fundamental engineering topics. The Full set features:

  • All parts in one mobile frame, easy too move from room to room
  • Spare kit to replace common parts
  • Spare empty trays to store materials such as coursework, guidance notes or worksheets
  • Lockable wheels
  • Flat top with fixing positions for storing work panels.

The Kits included in this set are:

  • Forces Kit (ES2)
  • Moments Kit (ES3)
  • Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers Kit (ES4)
  • Torsion of Circular Sections Kit (ES5)
  • Tensile Tester Kit (ES6)
  • Simple Harmonic Motion Kit (ES7)
  • Friction and Inclined Plane Kit (ES8)
  • Potential and Kinetic Energy Kit (ES9)
  • Pulley Kit (ES10)
  • Drive Systems Kit (ES11)
  • Cam, Crank and Toggle Kit (ES12)
  • Gear Trains Kit (ES13)
  • Simple Mechanisms Kit (ES14)
  • Bar Linkages Kit (ES15)
  • Centrifugal Force Kit (ES16)
  • Rotational Friction Kit (ES17)
  • Additional Mechanisms Kit (ES18)
  • Spring Tester Kit (ES19)

Please refer to separate datasheets for full details.

Dimensions: 35.5” H x 42.5” W x 18.2” D

Weight: 271.9 lbs

Full Trolley – 238.1 lbs.

Work panels – 11.2 lbs (each)

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