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Flange and Gasket Trainer


Recommended Skill Levels: Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Electrical, Industrial Technology, Mechanical

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The Flange and Gasket Trainer (150-FGT) from Bayport Technical simulates field conditions in realistic situations, giving the learner hands-on experience with industry-standard components. Some of the situations include craft, maintenance, and safety skills with a gasket selection.

Learning Outcomes

With the 150-FGT learners will practice using industry-standard components including:

  • A stainless pipe reservoir with multiple flange connection
  • Connections for application of air and water pressure
  • A pressure gauge
  • A relief valve
  • A basket strainer assembly
  • Multiple gaskets

This trainer also includes a bolt, wrench and material charts.

Flange and Gasket Trainer Product Details

This trainer consists of two separate units, each mounted on casters for mobility. All the carbon steel parts for this trainer are coated to prevent corrosion. This training system features:

  • 4” stainless pipe reservoir with six various flange connections
  • Connection for application of air pressure to reservoir
  • Pressure gauge
  • Relief valve
  • Basket strainer assembly
  • Bolt, wrench, and material charts mounted on a metal base with casters

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