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Game Development II

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Certifications, Computer Science, STEM

Product Types: Certifications, eLearning

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Game Development II is the second course of course of Mastery Coding’s Game and App Certification Pathway, designed to give 9th-12th grade students the coding and game design skills to earn Unity certifications and pursue career pathways in computer science and coding.

Game Development II teaches C# coding and game design with the Unity 3D Engine using a project-based approach. Students build upon their knowledge of C# and Unity to create multiple full-featured games combining 3D models, animation, audio files and scripts. Upon course completion, students will have the ability to create a 3D game from scratch on their own and earn industry-recognized certifications.

(See Game Development I course details)

Learning Outcomes

Game Development II covers the full game development cycle, from design to asset creation to coding tools and behaviors. These courses are delivered through online, project-based learning. Topics include:

  • Intermediate C# topics, such as collections, inheritance, interfaces, coroutines and OOP best practices
  • Git version control
  • Asset management
  • 3D Modeling & animation
  • Produce realistic audio effects in a 3D scene, accounting for natural phenomena like the doppler effect and reverberation
  • Code collaboration
  • Cross-platform input support
  • Use logical state machines to control complex character animations
  • Use Unity navmesh agents to produce autonomous AI that can navigate an environment independently
  • Apply real-world physics concepts to simulate how different materials respond to light in 3D graphics

Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared to earn the following industry-recognized certifications:

  • Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer

Game Development II Course Details

The course is available on Mastery Coding’s learning management system, with specialized student and instructor views. Courses include units, chapters, lessons and skills, along with a host of teacher resources. The entire curriculum is available online via web browser (see below for technical requirements).

The course includes everything an instructor needs, including:

  • Lesson plans
  • Lesson presentations and PDFs
  • Student worksheets
  • Quizzes and knowledge checks
  • Additional materials and resources for further learning

Additional Details

Teacher Support: All Mastery Coding courses come with year-round professional development and comprehensive teacher support. This can be customized to the needs of your district, so teachers with any level of experience can successfully deliver this course.

STEAM Connections: All Mastery coding courses are tied to specific STEAM outcomes. See course catalog for the full list of STEAM outcomes.

Technical Requirements: Game Development II is available on Google Chrome and can be delivered on Windows or Mac devices (see specification tab for more details). Students will also access Unity Hub + Unity 2021 LTS, Blender 3.1 or later, and Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Our team will help ensure you have everything you need for successful course deployment!

Project Portfolio: Like many Mastery Coding courses, students will be able to save their projects in an online portfolio they can share with prospective colleges and employers!

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