Industry 4.0 Career Pathways

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, K-8

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Industry 4.0

Product Types: Full Program, Training Equipment

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The Industry 4.0 Career Pathways program by LJ Create is a flexible, all-in-one program for middle and high schools (grades 7-10) to introduce students to the technology, skills and careers in Industry 4.0. At the center of the program is a core curriculum that teaches foundational principles of Industry 4.0. Schools can then pick and choose industry sector pathway modules that give students an idea of what it’s like to work in different fields like construction, manufacturing, IT, logistics and supply chain, transportation, agriculture, and healthcare.

The program includes everything you need – curriculum, eLearning, equipment, software, projects, full LMS and more! Implement the program as-is, or pick and choose curriculum blocks to fit into your course progression.

Learning Outcomes

The Industry 4.0 Career Pathways Core Curriculum is a 45-hour block that builds foundational knowledge for Industry 4.0. In this block, students learn about Industry 4.0 concepts, design thinking, safety and tool use, electrical principles, mechatronics, and data & measurement.

*We recommend schools go through the Core Curriculum first as a whole class.

The program then branches into Career Pathway blocks that provide hands-on career exploration for 7 different industry sectors: construction, manufacturing, IT, logistics and supply chain, transportation, agriculture, and healthcare. Each block comes with:

  • 40-50 lessons
  • eLearning modules
  • Hands-on equipment
  • Design projects that give students an idea of what a career in that field might look like

The program is flexible, allowing instructors to pick and choose which career blocks to offer.

Industry 4.0 Career Pathways Product Details

The program comes with teacher presentations, eLearning modules, investigations and hands-on practical activities in the Learning Management System. The Core Curriculum is where every school should start. The equipment (from LJ Create) in this block includes:

  • Engineering Construction Kit
  • Basic Electricity Trainer
  • Measurement Kit
  • Datalogging Kit
  • Physics Apparatus Kit
  • 3D Printer (schools can use whichever model they already have)

Each Career Pathway block also includes curriculum, teacher resources and LMS, as well as equipment specific to that course. Some examples of additional equipment include:

  • Structures and Materials Teaching Set
  • Educational Robotics Invention Kit (ERIK)
  • Injection Molding Trainer
  • Green Energy in Buildings Trainer
  • Industrial Controls Trainer
  • Electronic Communications Trainer
  • Electronic Circuits Trainer Teaching Set
  • and many more!

For a full list of equipment for each Career Pathway Block, add this product to your list or contact our team!

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