Oil-less 4 Cycle Multi-Fuel Engine


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Automotive & Transportation

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The Oil-Less 4- Cycle Multi-Fuel Engine Trainer (MEG150) from Megatech allows students to study 4-Cycle engines and perform experiments in alternative fuels. This trainer includes a transparent cylinder providing learners with a clear view of the combustion process. Since this trainer doesn’t use oil learners can observe the components of the crankcase and see the internal combustion process in action.

Learning Outcomes

Using this trainer learners will:

  • Learn the internal combustion process
  • Understand the 4-cycle engine operation
  • Adjust and manipulate variable timing and compression ration
  • Conduct experiments and analyze data related to alternate fuels
  • Get hands-on experience in engine performance measurements the 1 HP electric Dynamometer

Product Details

This patented engine is equipped with:

  • Alternative Fuels, 4 Cycle, Internal Combustion Engine
  • Transparent Cylinder
  • Variable Compression Ratio
  • Variable Spark Timing Level
  • 1 HP Electric Dynamometer
  • Manual
  • Activities

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