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OTTO 100

Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, Collaborative Robots, Drones, Engineering, Industrial Technology, Industry 4.0, Mobile, Robotics, Systems Integration

Product Types: Training Equipment

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OTTO 100 by OTTO Motors is an industrial strength Autonomous Mobile Robot that is designed to teach students the fundamental technologies embedded AMRs.

Learning Outcomes

At a foundational level, students will learn to program, operate, troubleshoot and maintain the OTTO 100.

They will also work up to more complex applications like integration with other automation technology such as collaborative robots, fleet management, production planning, data analysis and process improvement.

Working with the OTTO 100 will prepare students for careers in fully automated facilities, or to implement this technology in an innovating industry.

Product Details

  • All-metal body composition built to last
  • Equipped with the latest lasers and 3D camera sensors
  • OTTO Fleet Manager software enables custom workflows, APIs and data management
  • Optional automatic charge docking station
  • Ability to integrate carts and attachments

Total Payload Capacity: 331 lbs. (150 kg)

Travel Speed: 4.4 mph (2.0m/s)


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