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Alternative Energy Trainer

High School, Industry, Technical College, University Level Alternative/Green Energy, Solar, Wind Training Equipment
The Amatrol Alternative Energy Learning System – Wind and Solar includes a mobile workstation with solar PV components, small wind components, multimedia student curriculum, and teacher’s assessment guide....See Product Details
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Analytic Process Control

Industry, Technical College Level Advanced Manufacturing, Process Control
Process control systems maintain precise control of liquid and gas variables, such as liquid level, flow rate, pressure, temperature, and pH level. These multifaceted systems are a critical...See Product Details

Analytics Process Control

Industry, Technical College, University Level Industrial Technology, Process Control Training Equipment
Amatrol’s Analytical Process Control Learning System (T5554) teaches knowledge and skills essential for controlling and modifying the chemical properties of a substance, which is important to industries such...See Product Details

Arduino Robot Kit

High School, K-8, Technical College Level Drones, Engineering, Mobile, Robotics, STEM
The MINDS-i Arduino Robot Kit is a great introduction to programming for students. Through building their own robots with the provided kit users are able to learn the...See Product Details


High School, K-8, Technical College Level Welding Training Equipment
The Miller AugmentedArc is a state of the art virtual welder that uses augmented reality to teach users welding skills. For beginner to advanced-level weld students, the AugmentedArc...See Product Details

Auto Transaxle Program

High School, Technical College Level Automotive & Transportation, Diesel, Heavy Vehicles, Light Vehicles Training Equipment
The Megatech MEG620T-TY Electronic Control Transmission (ECT) Program is designed to assist in educating the fundamentals of the automatic front drive transaxle. The trainer features a fully functioning...See Product Details

Automatic Data Acquisition Unit

Technical College, University Level Civil Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering Training Equipment
The TecQuipment Automatic Data Acquisition Unit is a computer interface module that uses ADA software to translate experimental data from hardware to a PC.See Product Details
Automation Studio

Automation Studio

High School, Technical College, University Level Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Automotive & Transportation, Control Systems, Controls Engineering, Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Engineering, Fluid Power, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Technology, Industry 4.0, Mechanical, Mechatronics, PLCs, Process Control, Systems Integration Software
Automation Studio is a unique automation, electrical and fluid power software simulator. The platforms allows learners to interact with various virtual trainers focusing on engineering and technical principles.See Product Details

Automotive eLearning

High School, Industry, Technical College Level Automotive & Transportation, Diesel, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, Light Vehicles eLearning
This software supplements the hands on training provided by Megatech. As instuctors know, you can no longer just "tell" students how things work, but provide varying means of...See Product Details