PETRA II Advanced Industrial Control Trainer


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Control Systems, Industrial Technology, PLCs

Product Types: Full Program, Training Equipment

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PETRA II Advanced Industrial Control Trainer(292-01) from LJ Create is a simulated factory automation process that can be controlled from one or more industry-standard programmable logic controllers. This trainer uses two processes controlled by their own PLC.

Learning Outcomes

The PETRA II Advanced Industrial Control Trainer links multiple units together so learners can monitor the performance and operation of a more complex system after mastering troubleshooting a single controller and plant. With this trainer learners will develop the knowledge and skills in the eras of programmable controllers, engineering maintenance and condition monitoring techniques.

Using this trainer learners can develop and test PLC programs that:

  • Move component parts along, and between, conveyor belts
  • Control pneumatic actuators
  • Monitor the outputs of a wide range of pneumatic and optoelectronic sensors
  • Compare each part against its specification
  • Reject non-conforming parts and accept parts that are within specification

Product Details

The items included in this trainer are:

  • PETRA II Advanced Industrial Control Trainer
  • 24V DC power adapter
  • PLC connection leads
  • User manual
  • Curriculum in Digital Format
  • Two Conveyor belts
  • Parts dispenser
  • Set of 20 parts
  • Pneumatic pick and place plunger mounted on a carriage gantry
  • Two position pneumatically operated gripper arm
  • Part sensors
  • System control sensors
  • Control inputs
  • On-board air pressure regulator
  • Storage bins for separation of goods and rejected parts
  • On-board DIN rail allows a wide range of industry standard PLC’s to be mounted on the unit
  • Screw terminal connectors enable PLCA connection to be changed easily
  • Expansion connector allows connection of additional sensor and actuators for student project work
  • On-board 24V DC connection may be used to power any PLC with a power requirement of 24B at .5A max

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