UAV + UGV Drones – 90 Hour Lab

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College

Learning Topics: Drones, Engineering, Mobile, Robotics, STEM

Product Types: Kit

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UAV + UGV Drones – 90 Hour Lab by MINDS-i is a cutting edge lab that allows students to build and program both a UAV and UGV rover. This engaging STEM lab is a great introduction to a variety of useful STEM concepts.  This lab allows learners to build and configure UGV rovers to manually and autonomously navigate various terrain, obstacles and perform tasks.

Learning Outcomes

Using this course learners will cover topics such as:

  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • Electrical Engineering & Energy Transfer
  • Drone Code & Sensors
  • Applied Systems Thinking
  • Physics of Flight
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Product  Details

Each lab is designed to support one semester (90 hrs) and 3-5 students. Equipped with everything necessary to build a drone, this lab includes:

  • (2) UAV kits
  • (2) RC Transmitter with Receiver
  • (1) Super Rover Kit
    • Wheels and Tire Bag
  • (1) UGV Kit
  • (1) Dual Moto Encoder Kit
  • (1) Gimbal Kit
  • (1) 250 Piece Basic Construction Set
  • (1) Screw Adapter Kit
  • (1) Build a Motor Kit
  • Drone Lab Accessory Bag 1
    • (6) SF Propellers
    • (6) SFP Propellers
    • (5) Safety Glasses
    • (1) Digital Multimeter
    • (1) Extra 7.2 Battery 3000mAh
    • (1) 1/16″ Hex Driver
    • (1) 3/32″ HexDriver
    • (1) LiPoly Battery Charger
    • (1) LiPoly Battery Charging Bag
    • (1) Flight Simulator
    • (1) PID Test Fixture
    • (1) Storage Bin

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