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Vertical Separator

#295-101, 295-101-PAC

Recommended Skill Levels: Industry, Technical College

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Process Control

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Vertical Separator by DAC Worldwide is a reduced-scale, three-phrase vertical separator that mimics its real-world counterpart by using alternate production stream components, refined oil, air, and water.

Learning Outcomes

By using the Vertical Separator Training System learners will gain hands-on industrial experience. With its removable internal component’s learners will have advanced knowledge of this machines process.  Meter supply valving and onboard variable area allows for manual control and measurement of supply flow rate allowing for the mathematical study of this reduced scale working system under varying conditions.

Product Details

The Vertical Separator is mounted on a formed-steel, powder coated mobile support frame that fits through standard classroom doors. This vessel includes:

  • On-board supply pumps
  • Regenerative Blower
  • Static Mixer
  • Metered Valve
  • Flowmeters
  • Custom large diameter, clear acrylic vertical separator vessel

The vessels internal components include:

  • Inlet diverter
  • Overflow weir
  • Mist eliminator
  • Strategically located and reinforced outlet connections

This system has four leveling and locking casters, laminated, MDF front panel and side panels, on-board 19” X 34” instrument rack, Front face-mounted 1” and ½” clear PVC supply and return piping that includes control/maintenance valving and service drain. This product also comes with a three variable-are flow meters (rotameters), six metered ball valves and two magnetic seal-less centrifugal vertical process pumps.

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