FreeRange XR

Virtual Reality Workplace Safety Training

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Industrial Technology, Safety

Product Types: Software, Training Equipment

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Train individuals to be safe on the job – in an immersive, memorable virtual reality experience!

FreeRange XR‘s virtual reality work safety training software allows learners to train for real-life scenarios they may encounter in the workplace. Instructors can cast the user’s VR headset to a tablet or screen to monitor progress. Data analytics tracks user progress. The WorkSafety package includes modules for AED, CPR, Fire Suppression and Virus Vision.

Learning Outcomes

People learn by doing. The FreeRange XR is behavior-based learning in a safe experience. Topics covered by this system include:

  • AED
  • CPR
  • Fire Suppression
  • Virus Vision

Product Details

FreeRange XR can come in a variety of different services such as:

  • Mobile AR – Most accessible, uses the power of ARkit and ARCore for Ios and Android
  • Visor AR – Creates in the field experiences for Holocene, Magic Leap, and other AR visors
  • Standalone VR – Simple VR experiences for Oculus, Vive and other all-in-one VR headsets
  • Room scale VR – Immersive experiences involving tracked props and objects using HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Rift
  • Full Simulation – Complete immersion implementing custom hardware such as vehicle controllers, joystick, and custom interfaces.

List foes from least depth immersion to most in depth

This software can be used for businesses in construction, manufacturing, public sector, retail, hospital, education, sports and more

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