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Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College

Learning Topics: Augmented/Virtual Reality, Welding

Product Types: Training Equipment

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VRTEX 360 by Lincoln Electric provides the most in-depth and advanced welding simulation available. With a variety of tools and a comprehensive virtual reality experience students can engage with the fundamentals of welding in a unique environment. This virtual welding trainer comes in in a single or duo version, the dual system allowing for two learners on one machine.

Learning Outcomes

Using the VRTEX 360 prepares learners to transfer their welding skill and body positioning to a real welding booth without wasting materials associated with traditional welding training. This trainer gives real time feedback providing a hands-on training experience. The VRTEX 360 is great for basic to advanced welding training. Learns will practice flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead 5G and 6 G on mild, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. With its visual and audible responsive operator behavior, welders will learn when to adjust welding techniques This trainer also provides a virtual bend test with fast result instantly revealing what causes a weld dot pass or fail

VRTEX 360 Product Details

This virtual reality arc welding trainer comes with:

  • Retractable SMAW stick stinger, GMAW/FCAW gun and GTAW TIG torch, filler metal and adaptive foot pedal devices realistically simulate the look, feel and action of actual guns and torches.
  • Demo, Replay& Lesson Mode helps instructors and welders identify what went wrong or well
  • 6 different welding environments
  • First Edition – SMAW Welding Training Curriculum
  • First Edition FMAW Welding Training Curriculum
  • VRTEX Project Based Lesson 1 – Student Workbook
  • VRTEX Project Based Lesson 1- Instruction Guide

This trainer also tracks and scores key weld parameters including work angle, travel angle, travel speed, distance, and position in addition to simulating sparks, slag, grinding and weld cooling.

See data sheets for specific details about the VRTEx 360 single and duo versions.

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