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Web Development Foundations

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, K-8

Learning Topics: Computer Science, STEM

Product Types: eLearning

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Web Development Foundations is designed to give 6th-8th grade students an introduction to the Internet, including coding principles and languages. Through this course, Mastery Coding teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so students can design, create, and breathe life into visually appealing web pages. Upon completion of this course, students will have a solid understanding of computer science principles and the ability to code interactive web pages from scratch.

Learning Outcomes

Students will get foundational web development and coding skills using industry-standard tools, as well as a number of relevant STEM skills. These courses are delivered through online, project-based learning. Topics include:

  • HTML: how computers code, how the web came to be, and how to use markup language to write and code their own informational document
  • CSS: implement design concepts of unity, color theory, white space, and typography to create a professional-looking web page that works on any device via web browser
  • JavaScript: write JavaScript to breathe life into their web pages, leveraging computer science concepts like sequencing, selection, looping, state management, boolean arithmetic, and event-driven development
  • Document-object model (DOM) and DOM manipulation
  • Introduction to debugging methods and practice

Web Development Foundations Course Details

The course is available on Mastery Coding’s learning management system, with specialized student and instructor views. Courses include units, chapters, lessons and skills, along with a host of teacher resources. The entire curriculum is available online via web browser (see below for technical requirements).

The course includes everything an instructor needs, including:

  • Lesson plans
  • Lesson presentations and PDFs
  • Student worksheets
  • Quizzes and knowledge checks
  • Additional materials and resources for further learning

Additional Details

Teacher Support: All Mastery Coding courses come with year-round professional development and comprehensive teacher support. This can be customized to the needs of your district, so teachers with any level of experience can successfully deliver this course.

STEAM Connections: All Mastery coding courses are tied to specific STEAM outcomes. See course catalog in the specification tab for the full list of STEAM outcomes.

Technical Requirements: Game Development Foundations is available on Google Chrome and can be delivered on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac or Linux devices (see specification tab for more details. Our team will help ensure you have everything you need for successful course deployment!

Project Portfolio: Like many Mastery Coding courses, students will be able to save their projects in an online portfolio they can share with prospective colleges and employers! This will include a project portfolio that hosts their full projects, as well as a design portfolio which shows their game art assets, narratives and resources.

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