Amatrol Electronics

Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Learning System (890-PECB)

The 890-PECB System teaches PLC troubleshooting like no other product by providing a hands-on learning station that models real world PLC-controlled machines with up to 40 faults that can be inserted into the system. The 890-PECB is the first product to offer a realistic PLC troubleshooting experience for students because the faults are inserted throughout the system, including inside the PLC!
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Portable PLC (990-PAB53/990-S712)

Amatrol’s PLC Learning System (990-PAB53A) is a portable solution for when there is a need to teach PLCs where there is limited space such as in a conference room, lab area, or even a shop floor desk! Its compact size and durable case also provide for safe storage when your limited space must be used.
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Electric Drives (85-MT10)

The Model 85-MT10-2 DC Electronic Drives Learning System teaches industrial DC electronic motor drives, which are used to provide accurate control of speed, position, and acceleration in applications such as CNC machine tools, conveyors, robots, mixers, and presses.
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Power & Control (T7018)

Explores the fundamental concepts of industrial power and control electronics and their applications, such as measuring temperature, speed, and analog signals. This learning system will teach learners how to operate, adjust, and troubleshoot electronic components, circuits, and systems used in machine applications across industries like manufacturing, transportation, energy, and construction.
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Additional Products

  • Basic AC Drives 85-MT5C, 990-DRV1F
  • Advanced AC Electronic Drives 85-MT101
  • Motion Control 890-MCSE1 & 890-MCSE2