Amatrol Green Technology


The 850-AEC Alternative Energy Learning System teaches students key skills needed for job success in small wind alternative energy and solar energy. Critical skill areas covered are system connection, operation, and programming of solar PV (photovoltaic) and small wind systems in commercial and residential applications.
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Thermal Closed-Loop (950-STCL)

Amatrol’s 950-STCL1 Solar Thermal Closed-Loop Troubleshooting Learning System (shown with optional sun simulator attached) allows students to develop the specialized skills and knowledge needed for working with the two common types of thermal closed-loop systems: drainback and pressurized. The 950-STCL1 teaches students connection, operation, programming, and troubleshooting of both drainback and pressurized systems.
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Turbine Nacelle Troubleshooting (950-TNC1)

Amatrol’s 950-TNC1 Turbine Nacelle Troubleshooting Learning System teaches students adaptive skills for wind turbine operation, adjustment and troubleshooting in a wide variety of situations. The 950-TNC1 allows students to develop and practice component, sub-system, and system level skills.
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Additional Products

  • Piping Fabrication 950-PS1
  • Centrifugal Pumps 950-PM1
  • Thermal Science T7081
  • Solar Concepts 950-SC1
  • Power distribution 85-MT7
  • Solar PV Troubleshooting 950-SPT1
  • Solar PV Installation 950-SPF1
  • Solar Thermal Open-Loop 950-STOL1
  • Solar Thermal Installation 950-STF1
  • Turbine Generator Control 950-TGC1
  • Wind Concepts 950-WC1
  • Turbine Electric Hub Troubleshooting 950-TEH1