Amatrol Manufacturing Processes

Amatrol Skill Boss

Skill Boss Manufacturing

The Skill Boss was developed by Amatrol as a training and assessment tool for MSSC’s CPT+ certification. It assesses over 60 skills related to advanced manufacturing discrete parts and process manufacturing.
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Amatrol Skill Boss Logistics LAB Midwest

Skill Boss Logistics (95-MSB3)

Amatrol’s Skill Boss Logistics (95-MSB3) offers material handling organizations performance-based assessment for evaluating the skill levels and competencies of future supply chain automation technicians. This system is a working automated distribution system that performs real-world operations, such as package tracking, automatic package queuing and priority release, and electro-pneumatic sorting. The Skill Boss Logistics is the required assessment device for three of MSSC’s Certified Technician – Supply Chain Automation (CT-SCA) certifications: Equipment Maintenance (CTSCA-EM), Equipment Repair (CTSCA-ER), and Network Repair (CTSCA-NR). Individuals who earn all three certifications receive a full “Automation Master” recognition award.
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Amatrol’s 96-PLS1 Plastics Technology 1 Learning System is designed to teach modern technical skills in plastics and polymer science using injection molding.
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Product Finishing (950-PFS1-3)

Amatrol’s 950-PFS Product Finishing Learning Systems allow learners to acquire vital industry skills in surface preparation and painting. The 950-PFS system includes a two-sided workstation that is used to teach surface preparation skills that prepare parts for painting. Additionally, this system includes either an electrostatic liquid spray paint system, an electrostatic powder paint system, or both to provide hands-on training with industrial paint systems!
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Production Assembly (950-PAS1)

The 950-PAS1 Production Assembly Learning System teaches fundamentals of assembly skills used throughout modern industry. High quality assembly skills are in short supply, with the impact being more product failures which lead to increased costs, customer dissatisfaction, and in some cases, safety issues. Students will learn industry-relevant skills including how to identify and safely handle torque wrenches, operate both click-type and air impulse torque wrenches, properly sequence fittings, install, operate and maintain O-rings and lip seals, assemble hoses and couplings, route hoses including using clamps, brackets and clips, identify and install STOR and Zerk hydraulic fittings, and handle both steel and plastic tubing.
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Additional Products

  • Fasteners Learning System 950-FNS1
  • Gaskets Learning System 950-GSS1
  • Wiring Harness Learning System 950-WHS1
  • Print Reading Learning System 950-PR1
  • CAD Learning System (96-CAD1B
  • CAM Learning System 96-CAM1
  • Surveying Learning System 96-SV1