Amatrol Quality Assurance

Portable Precision Gauging (990-PG1)

Amatrol’s Portable Precision Gauging Learning System (990-PG1) covers the fundamentals of basic measurement, precision measurement, direct gauging, indirect gauging, and dimensional measurements using both the U.S. customary system and the SI metric system all within a mobile, highly durable product. Measurement is a cornerstone of all technical career paths and a major part of quality assurance, which helps to keep product quality high and costs low.
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Metrology Learning System (910-QC3)

Amatrol’s Metrology Learning System (910-QC3) teaches fundamental industrial principles including measurement, gauging, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and statistical process control. Producing high quality products requires the ability to ensure that they meet a quality standard, and the 910-QC3 covers these processes. From manufacturing state-of-the-art medical devices to assembling construction equipment to repairing modern industrial technology, the 910-QC3 allows learners to build core measurement skills for success.
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Additional Products

  • Measurement Tools Learning System 96-MES1
  • Portable Measurement Tools Learning System 990-MES1
  • Quality Assurance Learning System 94-QC1