Our training systems assist you in preparing your Industrial Engineering students with the right combination of theoretical knowledge and practical familiarization with technology in the areas of fluid power, motor control, motion control, processes control, mechanical drives, materials and more.


Mechanical engineers require broad knowledge in disciplines including systems, physics and material science. LAB Midwest offers the widest variety of training systems, eLearning and curriculum to assist you in teaching virtually every Mechanical Engineering discipline and skill.


From Chemistry to Physics to Metallurgy to Mineralogy LAB Midwest offers learning systems to prepare the next generation of Materials Engineers with the theoretical and practical knowledge they require.


Knowledge both theoretical and practical in the disciplines of electricity, electronics and electro-magnetism can all be delivered with the help of training systems offered by LAB Midwest. Our training systems provide your Electrical Engineering students with the right combination of theoretical learning and practical experimentation.


LAB Midwest’s learning systems deliver an understanding of a wide variety of concepts including atmospheric pressure, temperature, structural loads, aerodynamics, propulsion, avionics, materials science and structural analysis. Theoretical and practical knowledge in these disciplines are crucial for Aerospace Engineering students.


LAB Midwest offers an eLearning solution for virtually every industrial and manufacturing skill. eLearning has evolved at a lighting fast pace and now includes the delivery of theory in a fashion that maintains the learners attention and skills building through performing learned skills in a virtual environment. Assessments completed prior to introducing a learning to a new course ensure that learners begin their training at the endpoint of their current skills and knowledge, resulting in learning that takes place at maximum efficiency.