K-8 Robotics

K-8 Robotics solutions provide knowledge and skills across all aspects of robotic technology in a fun, engaging way. From robotics components and hardware, to programming and software, to basic operation, a variety of solutions are available to you and your students.



ERIK Robot

Educational Robotics Invention Kit (ERIK)

The LJ Create ERIK program allows students to build a whole range of robots, from the humanoid pictured above, to spiders, scorpions, and vehicles. ERIK’s modular hardware consists of intelligent servo motors, sensors, a programmable controller and a range of construction parts allowing students to design, build and program a wide range of robotic systems. Project activities include:

  • Languages, machines, and computation
  • Algorithms and abstraction
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Data, variables and constants
  • Control structures
  • Testing and debugging
  • A series of open ended design projects¬†to allow students to get creative

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Industry 4.0 Foundations Mechatronics


Project-based courses from LJ Create explore basic mechatronics competencies, including electricity, fluid power, mechanical systems, and controls. The curriculum allows students to explore principles for a wide range of career clusters, including:

  • Engineering Design
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Technology

The program is completed with a capstone robotics project, combining engineering and programming on an open-ended design. Students use components including intelligent servo motors, sensors, Bluetooth controller, and coding software to design, build and program a robot.

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Industry 4.0 Foundations Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Foundational robotics technology courses from MINDS-i provide an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering and math. Students build drones and AGVs while learning the science behind each component.

  • UGVs, AGVs and UAVs
  • Electrical Engineering and Energy Transfer
  • Sensors and Servos
  • Applied Systems Thinking
  • Variable Force and Motion; Physics of Flight
  • Software Programming and Drone Coding
  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering

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K-8 FANUC Roboguide Robot software

Robot Programming Software

Introduction to robotics software from the world’s largest industrial robotics company, FANUC. Students learn basic robot programming on ROBOGUIDE software as the program simulates the operation of the most common FANUC robots seen in industry today.

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