Quanser Aerospace Control & Dynamics

Quanser AERO

The Quanser AERO is a unique platform that allows students to explore and gain insight into the dynamic complexities of flight applications. At its core, the Quanser AERO is a high-precision, plug-and-play physical system to study helicopter and quadcopter flight motion and control. Applications include 1 DOF attitude control, conventional 2 DOF helicopter flight, and even quadcopter dynamics and control. Reconfigurable elements let you quickly adapt the Quanser AERO to modern applications in mechatronic systems design.
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3 DOF Hover

The quadcopter or quadrotor configuration is a principal configuration for modern autonomous flying vehicle design. Quanser’s unique line of products take you from first principles to actual quadcopter flight. The 3 DOF Hover experiment provides an economical test bed to understand and develop control laws for flight dynamics and control of vehicles with vertical lift off.

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