Quanser Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering

Shake Table II

The Quanser Shake Table II is a mid-size open-architecture single-axis earthquake simulator ideal for teaching structural dynamics, vibration isolation, feedback control, and other control topics related to earthquake, aerospace and mechanical engineering. Users can generate sinusoidal, chip as well as pre-loaded acceleration profiles of real earthquakes, to study their effects on buildings, bridges and various materials. Additionally, earthquake profiles can be downloaded from the PEER Ground Motion Database, scaled using the supplied software, and replayed on the Shake Table II.
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Featuring six Degrees of Freedom (DOF), the Hexapod motion platform is a reliable and easy-to-use test bed for advanced research in areas including vibration isolation, structural dynamics, immersive simulations and rehabilitation. The Hexapod is parallel robotic device capable of moving heavy loads (up to 100 kg) at high accelerations, within a small workspace. The smart mechanical design, along with accurate and stiff machined components make this robot an excellent tool for cutting-edge research.