This four-course series is designed to introduce college students to key Industry 4.0 technologies being adopted into a wide range of industries. Students will get in-depth subject area knowledge and hands-on skills for industrial controls, mechatronics, industrial robotics, and IIoT technologies.


Robotics and automated processes have revolutionized the way products are manufactured. This innovation brings with it a need for highly qualified engineers and technicians equipped with the skills to design, implement, troubleshoot and service this complex technology.


A virtually endless variety of products are manufactured using Computer Numeric Control (CNC) technology. Mills, Lathes, Plasma Cutters, Tube Benders and Wire Formers are just a few examples of equipment controlled using CNC. Equipment Operators, CNC Programmers and Machinists all require specialized skills provided via the right curriculum and training equipment.


Industrial technology is continually evolving and the production systems of today encompass an extremely broad range of equipment including motor control, motion control, finishing systems, programmable logic controllers, mechanical drives and fluid power just to name a few. Whether your needs require portable learning systems used in multiple schools or bench style learning systems LAB Midwest offers the curriculum, equipment and eLearning solutions to match.


Automobile and Diesel technology is ever-changing and teaching the latest skills has never been more important. LAB Midwest offers the widest range of solutions for teaching everything from basic engine function to complex maintenance and troubleshooting. Our product portfolio even includes tools for teaching emerging technologies such as sensors, servos, GPS, gimbaling, microprocessors and programming.


Welding Skills remain in very high demand and provide fantastic pathways to entry level and advanced manufacturing jobs. With the right curriculum, virtual reality systems and training equipment the investment of time required to train a learner on necessary skills can be reduced by half.


Our solutions for college mechanical design & engineering programs include CAD/CAM, injection molding, materials testing, 3D printing, mechanisms, and other basic engineering competencies.


LAB Midwest offers an eLearning solution for virtually every industrial and manufacturing skill. eLearning has evolved at a lighting fast pace and now includes the delivery of theory in a fashion that maintains the learners attention and skills building through performing learned skills in a virtual environment. Assessments completed prior to introducing a learning to a new course ensure that learners begin their training at the endpoint of their current skills and knowlege, resulting in learning that takes place at maximum efficiency.