College Automotive & Transportation

College automotive & transportation solutions for light and medium/heavy vehicles as well as hybrid and diesel engines. Teach everything from basic engine function to complex maintenance and troubleshooting. Our product portfolio even includes tools for teaching emerging technologies such as sensors, servos, GPS, gimbaling, microprocessors and programming.


LJ Create Automotive Trainers

LJ Create Automotive & Diesel

LJ Create’s AutoLab allows you to build a program that aligns to NATEF standards. Combining multimedia eLearning and hands-on trainers, college students get an excellent introduction and deep dive into maintenance, troubleshooting and operation of a wide range of automotive systems.

Types of trainers include:


Show the inner workings of engine components, equipped with hand cranks to see how components work together

Autotronics Panel Trainers

Stand-up trainers are perfect for in-class demonstrations of a range of systems

Autotronics Boards

Desktop units allow students to perform fault-finding and troubleshooting


For system components, light engines, and medium/heavy truck rigs demonstrate maintenance and diagnostic techniques for full systems

Download the AutoLab Brochure

Download the AutoLab Diesel Brochure

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Megatech Automotive Trainers can help high school automotive and transportation instructors demonstrate

Megatech Automotive Trainers

Megatech’s automotive trainers are perfect for technical college to demonstrate maintenance and operation for a range of components and systems. Megatech offers trainers for hybrid, alternative fuel and diesel engines as well as all major makes and models. All systems are compliant with ASE standards. Training systems focus on areas including:

  • Engine Performance
  • Electrical / Electronic Systems
  • Brakes
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Heating and AC
  • Manual Drivetrain & Axle
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Hybrid Technology
  • Fuel Cells
  • Light, Mid-Duty and Heavy Diesel
  • Truck Brakes
  • Mobile Hydraulics

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Fluid Power for College Automotive & Transportation

Fluid Power

No college automotive & transportation program is complete without an in-depth study of hydraulic and pneumatic principles. Amatrol’s fluid power courses cover foundational principles through multimedia eLearning, then move students on to hands-on learning. Full bench units or portable trainers are available for a number of fluid power competencies, including:

  • Basic hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic troubleshooting
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic maintenance
  • Intermediate and Advanced levels

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mechanical drives for college automotive and transportation

Mechanical Drives

Teach mechanical drives using full bench or portable systems from Amatrol. These trainers can be worked into any college automotive & transportation program, plus they include multimedia eLearning for engaged student learning. With mechanical drives trainers, students will earn industry-relevant skills including how to operate, install, analyze performance, and design basic mechanical transmission systems using chains, v-belts, spur gears, bearings, and couplings in addition to learning key laser alignment and vibration analysis skills.

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