College Mechanical Design

Our solutions for college mechanical design & engineering programs include CAD/CAM, injection molding, materials testing, 3D printing, mechanisms, and other basic engineering competencies.


Amatrol Injection Molding Plastics Trainer for College Mechanical Design

Injection Molding

Amatrol’s Plastics Technology training system is designed to teach modern technical skills in plastics and polymer science using injection molding.

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Amatrol Materials Testing Engineering

Materials Testing

With this Materials Engineering system, Mechanical Design students can learn industry-relevant skills for testing various materials. Testing factors include tensile, compression, hardness and shear, chemistry of metals, identification systems for metals (steel, aluminum, brass, copper), material strength analysis, production design, and computerized data acquisition.

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Materials Testing & Properties college mechanical design tecquipment

Materials Properties & Testing

TecQuipment’s range of trainers for materials testing and properties are perfect for high-level college courses in mechanical design. In addition to the Universal Testing Machine, the range features individual trainers that test torsion, tensility, impact, elasticity, and more.

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Markforged 3D Printer for College Mechanical Design

3D Printing

College Mechanical Design programs will find great value in Markforged’s line of industrial-grade 3D printers. With a design intended for industrial use, students will find countless applications for testing and implementing their designs.

Integrative, cloud-based software allows you to design, print, and implement industry-ready parts within hours. With a variety of print materials including plastic, composite and metal, the possibilities are endless.

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Levil Lathes and Mills for High School CNC Machining Classes

Levil Mills & Lathes

With the FANUC 0i-Mate MD control, the LMV-F400 is a highly reliable machine that is being used in machine shop environments to aid in the industrial production of small parts. It is also a great teaching tool for educational environments where the students learn to use the same machine controls that can be found on big CNC machines all over the world.

Designed for education customers who need a complete CNC solution in a limited space. The TL-F20 is capable of 24/7 industrial production of small parts in a variety of materials ranging from plastics to ferrous metals.

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