TecQuipment Electrical Power Systems

Power System Trainer (PSS1)

A self-contained Power System Trainer that allows engineers, technicians and control room operatives to gain knowledge-based learning and skills-based training in all aspects of electrical power systems.
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Salient Pole Generator (PSL10)

Provides typical generator performance characteristics for experiments in generation, synchronising and paralleling, and load sharing.
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Transformer Trainer (PSL20)

Investigates the principles and operating characteristics of single-phase and three-phase transformers. Includes all power supplies, instruments, loadbanks and interconnecting cables required.
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Additional Products

  • Salient Pole Generator
  • Transformer Trainer
  • Transmission Line Simulator
  • Distribution Trainer
  • Protection Relay Test Set
  • Thyristor and Diode Converters
  • Circuit Breaker Trainer
  • Three Phase Mobile Transformer
  • Single Phase Mobile Transformer