TecQuipment Engineering Science

Engineering Science Full Set (ESF)

A mobile station with a complete set of TecQuipment’s Engineering Science kits and three Work Panels, including the Engineering Science mobile trolley (EST), a full set of TecQuipment’s Engineering Science kits (ES2 to ES19), Work Panels (ES1) and a Spares Kit (ESX).
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Forces Kit (ES2)

Shows how to find the centre of gravity of shapes and the relationship between angles and coplanar forces.
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Pulley Kit (EST10)

Shows the mechanical advantage of different combinations of pulleys and a simple wheel and axle.
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Tensile Tester Kit (ES6)

Shows the principles of tensile tests on specimens of different materials.
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Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers Kit (ES4)

Demonstrates the deflection of beams of different materials and dimensions, held on different supports.
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Additional Products

  • Forces Kit
  • Moments Kit
  • Torsion of Circular Sections Kit
  • Simple Harmonic Motion Kit
  • Friction & Inclined Plane Kit
  • Potential & Kinetic Energy Kit
  • Pulley Kit
  • Drive Systems Kit
  • Cam, Crank & Toggle Kit
  • Gear Trains Kit
  • Simple Mechanisms Kit
  • Bar Linkages Kit
  • Centrifugal Force Kit
  • Rotational Friction Kit
  • Additional Mechanisms Kit
  • Spring Tester Kit