TecQuipment Fluid Mechanics

Digital Hydraulic Bench (H1) with Flow Measurement Methods Experiment (H10)

Investigates different ways of measuring flow including a Venturi meter, an orifice plate and a rotameter. At the same time shows applications of the steady flow energy equation (Bernoulli’s equation).
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Large Flow Channel (FC300)

Large open channel flumes that provide the opportunity for advanced research and student study on a wide range of fluid flow topics. Select a length to suit your needs and the space available.
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Centrifugal Pump Module (MFP101)

Allows students to study and perform tests on a centrifugal pump and optional turbines: to understand how they work and calculate their performance.
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Additional Products

  • Hydraulics Benches
  • Flow & Pressure Measurement
  • Pipe Friction & energy Loss
  • Laminar & Turbulent Flow
  • Nozzles, Jets, Vortices & Cavitation
  • Flow Visualization
  • Pipe surge & Water Hammer
  • Open Channel Flow
  • Hydrostatics & Properties of Fluids
  • Hydrology
  • Pumps & Turbines
  • Modular Fluid Power