TecQuipment Materials Testing and Properties

TecQuipment Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine (SM1000)

A versatile test machine, that with optional ancillaries, allows a range of destructive and non destructive material tests to be completed.
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TecQuipment Bench-Top Tensile Testing Machine

Bench-Top Tensile Testing Machine (SM1002)

A laboratory-scale hand-driven bench top tensile testing machine, 20 kN capacity.
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TecQuipment Torsion Testing Machine

Torsion Testing Machine (SM1001)

A bench mounted machine to allow students to do torsion tests on different materials.
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Energy Absorbed atTecQuipment Fracture Testing Machine

Energy Absorbed at Fracture (SM1001)

A small-scale bench mounting notched bar impact tester to provide students with an effective and safe introduction into commonly used material impact testing techniques such as Izod or Charpy..
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Additional Products

  • Basic Elastic Properties
  • Stress & Strain Analysis
  • Tensile Testing
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Creep Testing
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Impact Testing
  • Modular Structures Experiments
  • Free Standing Structures Experiments, SM1001, SM1090