TecQuipment Thermodynamics

Heat Exchanger and Experiments (TD360)

Service module for TecQuipment’s range of bench-top educational heat exchanger demonstration units.
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Turbojet Trainer with Reheat (GT100RS)

Based on the Turbo Jet (GT100) this product has a reheat (afterburner) section for in-depth examination of a working gas turbine. A self-contained, fully instrumented, educational single-shaft gas turbine with reheat. Powered by kerosene, the experimental abilities of this high-quality apparatus enable comprehensive practical investigations into the principles, and performance of single-shaft gas turbines with reheat. This product helps students to understand the use of this ‘engine’ with additional exhaust nozzle control, on practical applications such as jet aircraft.
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Thermal Power Plant With Steam Engine Trainer (TD1050)

A laboratory-scale steam plant that shows fundamental thermodynamic principles of energy conversion and mechanical power measurement.
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Additional Products

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