VDAS e-Lab

VDAS e-Lab is a new product that enables you to continue providing interactive lab experiences for students, regardless of their location.

How it works

VDAS e-Lab is a cloud-based software developed by TecQuipment that allows students to access, manipulate and analyze data gathered from hardware during a lab experiment. A professor or group member can be present with the hardware in the lab while class members can access live data from their homes, classroom or anywhere they can access internet.

e-Lab works in conjunction with any TecQuipment lab hardware.

The software is available through annual licenses based on the size of your class and your school’s needs. There is also an option to add hardware so you can stream multiple-angle videos of the lab exercises for students to watch.

This is a perfect solution for remote and blended learning! For more remote learning solutions offered by LAB Midwest, click here.

VDAS e-lab


This VDAS-enabled software allows your students to collect and analyze data in real-time from lab experiments being performed by either a lab instructor or classmate. Request more information below to get pricing for licenses and optional hardware add-ons.

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The video below demonstrates how VDAS e-Lab operates: