University Training Equipment & Programs

Provide world-class engineering education for your students by delivering real-world application alongside theory. Our learning systems, lab equipment and curriculum are aligned to cutting-edge technology and certifications for every engineering discipline.

Our solutions for universities include interactive online eLearning, industrial lab equipment, simulators, hardware for research and demonstration, software and curriculum. Our team will work with you from consultation, to choosing the right curriculum and equipment for your program, to installation and instructor training.


We work with a wide range of program areas for universities, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Select any program area below to view products:

Our Solutions

We don’t just sell products; we offer solutions. These solutions truly cover everything your program needs to teach students hands-on skills for high-tech, high-demand engineering fields, as well as conducting research in these fields.

All our products are built with authentic industrial components from the world’s leading manufacturers of training systems. You’ll find everything from hands-on training systems to digital twin and programming software, to full-sized and robust systems for teaching and research.

How It Works

We take a collaborative, consultative approach to developing a solution that fits your program requirements and budget. Here’s what you can expect when you work with our team: