Technical Education Program Advisory Services

Effective learning demands the ideal combination of committed teachers and instructors, CURRICULUM, and training equipment. LAB Midwest’s team invests our time meeting with educators, employers, policy makers and world class suppliers, enabling us to remain current on market trends, emerging technology and best practices in Technical and STEM Education. This places us in the perfect position to serve as a resource to our clients as they consider and implement changes to their programs.

Technical Skills Curriculum & Equipment

Skills-based training plays a crucial role in producing the technical workforce for today and the future. LAB Midwest’s solutions include learning systems used in training skills in the fields of Welding, Machining, CNC Programming and Operation, Automation, Industrial Technology, Process Control, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Product Finishing, Equipment Operation, Electronics, Alternative Energy and more.

LAB Midwest’s best-in-class portfolio of technical training solutions are distributed on an exclusive basis in the markets to which we offer them. Our expectations of our suppliers are stringent, and we limit these partnerships to partners that are number one in their space and offer market leading curriculum, equipment and eLearning solutions. Our supplier relationships are long-term in nature, with some spanning as many as five decades, providing our customers the assurance that our business model is robust and sustainable.

STEM Curriculum & Equipment

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math aptitudes are increasingly valuable in an ever-changing world. STEM is a broad term, encompassing everything from traditional science and math curriculum to cutting edge advancements in fields such as robotics, computer programming and biotechnology. LAB Midwest has assembled a deep combination of curriculum, eLearning and hands-on, project-based learning tools to prepare students from age 5 through higher education with the STEM skills and knowledge the future will require of them.

Technical Service & Support

LAB Midwest stands behind the solutions we provide to our clients. No Exceptions. As your first line of Technical Support and Customer Service we act immediately to address any questions or concerns, either virtually or on-site as the situation demands. Should any of these require the support of our supplier-partners we spearhead the project, remaining completely involved to completion.