The Complete Guide to Manufacturing Training
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The Complete Guide to Industrial Training

Are you having trouble finding skilled talent? When there aren't enough applicants to fill open roles, it's time to turn to manufacturing workforce training within your own organization. It's an extremely effective method of upskilling your workforce, improving culture and morale, creating lifelong loyal employees, and filling the skills gaps so your production can run at top capacity.

Over 10 sessions, we're sharing the secrets of how world-class industrial employers develop and implement training programs for their employees. Everything you need to know will be covered in these 30-minute segments.

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Killing Manufacturing: The Talent Crisis and What to Do About It

Manufacturers can't find people to fill skilled positions, and not enough students are graduating from technical programs to fill the gap. The workforce shortage is a true crisis for manufacturing. In this session, we're talking about what employers should be doing about it.

Train to the Gap: How to Avoid Wasting Resources on Overtraining

Overtraining is a huge time and money waster for manufacturers. We'll share how to systematically measure your employees' current skills and then only train where there are gaps. Follow these steps for the most efficient use of time and resources possible.

July 28

The Secret to Retaining Great Employees

“What if I invest in training my employees, and then they leave?” It's a common question that we'll help answer. Plus, we'll share how to give each individual employee a personalized career pathway – and thus guarantee they'll want to remain at your company for years to come.

August 11

Creating Solid Industry-Academic Partnerships

Your local technical or community college is your strongest ally when it comes to upskilling your workforce. Are you utilizing this resource We'll share how to create the most rock-solid partnerships with your college.

Choosing an eLearning platform? Avoid these mistakes!

When it comes to eLearning for industrial skills, the number of options can be overwhelming. We'll tell you the most common mistakes to avoid when picking a platform, plus we'll give you a checklist of features your eLearning provider should include.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying Your Training Plan

You want to start a well-run training program for your employees. Where do you start? We'll provide a step-by-step guide, answering your questions about curriculum, hands-on skills, scope, sequence, scale, measuring success and more.

September 22

The Secret to Skills That Stick

It's not enough to train industrial employees with eLearning (even highly interactive eLearning). They need to get their hands on equipment and practice the skills and competencies they're learning. We'll share the best methods for implementing systematic, measurable and safe hands-on training.

October 6

Increase the Value of Training with Certifications

Adding third-party certifications to your training program validates the credibility of the training, and it's an incredible source of pride and recognition for your employees' hard work. We'll share who the top certifying organizations are and how to become involved.

October 20

Training Metrics: KPIs Every Employer Should Track

If you're not measuring the right data points, you're diminishing the potential impact of your industrial training program. We'll share what metrics to track, tools to track them, and how to analyze the data to make improvements along the way.

Marketing Your Training Program

If you've done all the hard work of developing a successful industrial training program – you should be marketing it! It's a huge asset to your company culture, to your reputation, to attracting new employees, stakeholders and partners. We'll share best practices for how to market your training program.

Looking to train new employees and upskill your incumbent workers? This 10-step training guide is everything industrial employers need to implement a custom training program in their facility.

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