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What the President Needs to Know about the Next 4 Years in Tech Ed

No matter who is elected on 11/3, they will wake up 11/4 with a responsibility to support and maximize the impact of our technical education programs. We’ll share the top 10 things the President must know about the current and future state of tech ed.

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Wednesday, November 4th at 2pm Central

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Extended Reality: A Game-Changer for Safety Training

Today’s leading organizations are using extended reality (XR) technology to train their employees and learners.

XR enables you to train intense safety scenarios in a fully-controlled and safe environment. And you get the benefit of immediate feedback and measurable data to track your users’ progress.

FreeRange XR puts users in real-life scenarios for fire suppression, fall protection, lock-out/tag-out and confined spaces. It makes training hands-on but accessible for first-time learners, and you’ll see immediate ROI in the data you can collect.

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Wednesday, November 11th at 2pm Central

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Get the Most Out of Your 3D Printer: Teaching for Industrial Applications

Hear from educators how they’re using 3D printing technology in STEM and technical education classrooms to teach applications for engineering design, materials science and more.

If you want some great ideas, see what others are doing, or start using your 3D printer for more authentic industrial applications, then join us for this 30-minute webinar!

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Wednesday, November 18th at 2pm Central

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Tech Ed Teacher Thanksgiving Special

We are so thankful for our career and technical educators who inspire and prepare our students to have successful, fulfilling careers!

This very special episode of Webinar Wednesday will feature teachers from all over the Midwest sharing their own thankful thoughts on those who have influenced or supported their career as educators.

You definitely want to sign up (if only to get the recording later!) and PARTICIPATE! If you’re a teacher and want to be featured, email Melissa at mmartin@labmidwest.com. Or download the simple 4-step guide to participating.

Wednesday, November 25 at 2pm Central

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Watch some of our most popular past webinars below:


The 7 Elements of Distance Learning

Schools will toolbox of digital and distance learning methods to keep students engaged in learning from anywhere – the classroom, the lab, or even from home. We live demo 7 different ways you can teach your students. These 7 elements, when used in combination, provide a well-rounded learning experience for every student.

The Top 10 Virtual Trainers for Industrial Skills

Virtual trainers & simulators are an essential tool to supplement in-person labs as we move to a hybrid model of learning in fall. Virtual trainers allow your students to learn authentic industrial skills even when they’re not able to be in a lab. Here are the top 10 virtual trainers every technical education program must have, for skills like:

  • PLCs
  • CNC Machining
  • Robot Programming & Operation
  • Fluid Power
  • Electrical Systems
  • Automotive
  • and more!

eLearning for Technical Education

Education is changing, and teachers need access to eLearning for their students that isn’t dry & boring. Especially for those hands-on learners who do better in a lab than sitting at a desk. We have those tools you need to keep your Tech Ed students engaged from anywhere, on any computer, including:

    • Hundreds of courses covering thousands of learning hours
    • Interactive, multimedia eLearning
    • Assessments & quizzes
    • Learning management systems to track student participation
    • Virtual simulators to provide hands-on learning

eLearning for STEM

These are the top 10 things teachers must do when creating an online learning program for their STEM classes (plus what NOT to do). Following these guidelines will guarantee your students are getting the very best experience with distance learning. Especially for those hands-on learners who need interactive, multimedia lessons with hands-on components.

Online Welding Curriculum

In this video, we share best practices in distance learning for welding programs. Learn about the newest advances in virtual training and online curriculum that enable you to teach hands-on welding skills, so students are best prepared to enter the workforce.

Industry Infinity.0

We’ve been through 4 industrial revolutions – we’re now in Industry 4.0. So what’s next? (Hint: It’s not Industry 5.0) New technologies, data acquisition, and industrial progress are happening at a greater rate than ever before. The speed of industrial innovation will soon cross paths with the exponential economy. This is the future – Industry Infinity.0.

SACA Industry 4.0 Certifications

The Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) is a non-profit foundation supported by industry with the goal of creating a larger number of individuals with Industry 4.0 skills. To accomplish this goal the alliance is developing skill standards, providing teacher training, promoting these skill sets to students, and providing industry certifications. Upskill your students & employees with SACA’s Industry 4.0 certifications!


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