Amatrol Announces Portable Basic Hydraulics Learning System
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Amatrol 990-BH1

Amatrol announced this week the introduction of its Portable Basic Hydraulics Learning System (990-BH1).

Featuring all of the skills of Amatrol’s larger Basic Hydraulics learning system, Portable Basic Hydraulics offers extensive fluid power learning opportunities on a portable platform.

Portable Basic Hydraulics includes gauges, manifolds, cylinders, valves (relief/sequence, pressure reducing, check, directional control, etc.), a flow meter, and a portable hydraulic power supply in its small footprint.

Incorporating Amatrol’s world-class multimedia curriculum and using the 990-BH1, learners can be trained in the operation, design and troubleshooting of basic hydraulics circuits for a wide variety of applications.

The system enables students to study  sequence valves, hydraulic schematics and pressure control circuits.  It can also be used to train them to read pressure valves, monitor reservoir liquid and temperature levels, connect hydraulic circuits, operate directional hydraulic motors, convert between absolute and gauge pressure and connect and adjust the pressure setting of a pressure relief valve.

Space requirements now minimal, the Portable Hydraulic Learning System enables these concepts and practices to be trained in virtually any educational environment.

To request a quote or for more information contact the LAB Midwest Customer Service Team.

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