Amatrol is the world’s leading manufacturer of technical training systems and curriculum. High schools, technical and community colleges, universities and industrial employers around the world use Amatrol training systems to upskill learners in every advanced manufacturing area.

Amatrol offers learning systems for a broad array of topics including: power and energy, controls, manufacturing processes, design, fluids, fluid power, thermal, electrical, electrical motors, mechanical, communications, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, mechatronics, and automation. Amatrol also offers a rich array of multimedia and eLearning on all key technical topics including hands-on technical skills via virtual trainers.


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Amatrol’s extensive line of automation learning systems focuses on two main areas: robots and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and specifically their function and application within automated production lines. These learning systems take a progressive approach to skill development, beginning with introductory topics like basic robot operation and component adjustment. Moving on the learner advances to topics such as serial device applications and multiple station control. These learning systems provide outstanding applications for everything from packaging to industrial maintenance to STEM.


Increasingly Employers, Educators and Funding Sources emphasize the importance of Industry credentials and certifications associated with training programs. Amatrol’s training programs, training equipment and curriculum can all be an integral part of enabling a learner to achieve industry credentials such as CPT, MSSC, NIMS CNC and NIMS Industrial Maintenance.


Amatrol eLearning provides incomparable technical content, providing the deepest and broadest degree of technical skill development available anywhere.


Amatrol offers the most comprehensive, in-depth selection of electrical training solutions available today, from the basics of AC/DC electrical to the advanced topics of electrical machines, relay control, and fabrication; electrical motor control; and electrical wiring and power distribution. Featuring world-class online curriculum, skill assessment, and real-world components many of these systems also offer fault troubleshooting training through Amatrol’s FaultPro, the premier electronic fault insertion solution.


Amatrol’s electronics learning systems combine hands-on skills and multimedia curriculum to provide unmatched depth. These products include electronic drives and programmable logic controllers offering learners the knowledge they will need to excel.

Fluid Power

Pneumatics and hydraulics are integral to industrial applications across every industry and thus a strong theoretical understanding combined with hands-on training in pneumatic and hydraulic applications is indispensable. Amatrol’s line of Fluid Power training solutions lead the industry and align seamlessly with other Amatrol programs including construction technology, industrial maintenance, iron and steel, oil and gas.

Green Technology

From interactive multimedia courses in Wind and Solar Concepts that provide learners with an understanding of these energy sources to world-class alternative energy training equipment, Amatrol’s Green Technology training systems offer learners the relevant knowledge and skills needed to excel in the cutting edge disciplines of Solar and Wind Technology.

Manufacturing Processes

From the basics such as fasteners and gaskets to the advanced topics of product finishing and welding Amatrol’s products provide learners with hands-on skill building training. These products align with a vast array of other Amatrol programs such as advanced manufacturing, construction technology and CNC Machine Operator as well as Amatrol’s Certified Production Technician program a program which features a competency-based instructional design teaching the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council’s (MSSC) nationally recognized standards.


A world-class line of Mechanical learning products must cover industry fundamentals like mechanical drives, pumps, mechanical fabrication, rigging and central lubrication and Amatrol fits the bill like nobody else. These technologies are used across every industry without exception and a command of them is imperative for any learner in the advanced manufacturing, industrial maintenance or related fields.


The advanced production lines of today are a sea of Sensors, Motors, Servos, Drives, Vision Systems, RFID, Pick & Place Technologies, Inspection Systems, and Automation and the ability to understand, operate, maintain and troubleshoot these systems is indispensable. Amatrol’s Mechatronics Learning Systems expose learners to all of these and more, in a space conscious, safe environment that is also an authentic production line producing fully functional directional control valves; the perfect capstone to any advanced manufacturing program.

Process Control

Process Control technology is present across every industry and a strong functional understanding in this discipline is vital. Due to the wide array of process control technology that learners will encounter in industry Amatrol technologies developed the broadest combination of curriculum and equipment available anywhere. Amatrol provides four distinct process control learning systems, each covering a unique application: level and flow, temperature, analytical, and pressure. Related process control applications such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and SCADA are also offered by Amatrol.

Quality Assurance

Amatrol partnered with the most recognizable industrial manufacturers to develop quality training systems that are unparalleled. These learning programs are equally effective for technicians, engineers, production workers and anyone else in need of these valuable skills.