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3D printing is the future of manufacturing design and prototyping. Inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists with Xact Metal’s innovative and simple metal 3D printers. Xact Metal has taken the essential specs for metal powder-bed fusion (commonly known as Selective Laser Melting or Direct Metal Laser Sintering) and combined them with breakthrough technology to establish a new level of price and performance for additive manufacturing. Their printers are designed to support the next generation of innovative manufacturing solutions powered by metal 3D printing.

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XM200C XM200G
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The XM200C uses laser-based powder-bed fusion technology in which a fiber laser selectively melts thin layers of metal powder, one at a time, to create parts directly from a 3D-CAD model. Powered by our patent-pending Xact Core™ gantry system, the XM200C continues to revolutionize metal 3D printing.

Metal powder-bed fusion provides high-quality and complex parts. It reduces total cycle time by about 50% and removes the need for wash/debinder and sintering/oven equipment used in bound metal deposition, atomic deposition additive manufacturing or other FDM-like metal 3D printers.


The Xact Metal XM200G series is powered by high-performance galvanometer mirrors to meet the specification demands of metal powder-bed fusion in manufacturing, research and development. This series of printers was designed with print speed, part quality and affordable price in mind.

The XM200G is based on the proven, easy-to-use and cost-effective design of Xact Metal’s XM200C metal 3D printer. It integrates a high-performance galvanometer system to move the laser beam over the powder bed. This architecture allows for faster printing times and the ability to support multiple lasers.