Levil Technology

Levil Technology develops industry-grade CNC milling and turning machines that fit in compact classroom and lab spaces. Their line of machines will cut materials from acrylics and woods to precision machining metals of all kinds. With the latest FANUC controls on these machines, students are able to learn programming and operation of industrial-grade CNC machines that will prepare them to work in advanced manufacturing environments.

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Lathes Mills
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Levil offers lathes to teach CNC turning in schools. The Levil Lathe provides learners with an opportunity to learn CNC turning all within a compact footprint. The robust machine is designed to cut a varierty of materials and is designed for the industrial production of small parts.


Levil offers a variety of mills to teach CNC milling in schools. Multiple options are available for a variety of skill levels – from basic CNC milling, to robot-loaded milling, to combining milling with a 3D printer in a single machine.