Quanser is the global leader of lab solutions and products that have transformed the way educators teach the theory, application, and implementation of engineering concepts. Quanser’s training systems allow instructors to demonstrate complex engineering concepts, they enable students to put theory into practice, and they provide a platform for graduate-level research. 

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Aerospace Control & Dynamics Autonomous Vehicles Digital Interactive Labs Motion Control QUARC Software Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering
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Aerospace Control & Dynamics

Aerospace and mechatronic engineers need a broad range of engineering skills, including knowledge and practical application in areas such as control systems, dynamics modeling, system identification, and mechanical design – all provided by Quanser’s line of products.

Autonomous Vehicles

Advancement in technology and innovative applications has led to the proliferation of unmanned vehicle research. Many application areas have emerged that require not only multiple vehicles, but collaboration between multiple vehicle types. The diversity and complexity of these applications present significant challenges to researchers and developers, such as increasing difficulty in setting up and maintaining the evolving and growing drone fleet, as well as the need for standardized validation and verification platform to facilitate development, evaluation and analysis. Quanser’s new Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio is the ideal solution for academics looking to build a multi-vehicle research program in a short amount of time.

Digital Interactive Labs

The Quanser Interactive Labs platform is a collection of virtual hardware-based laboratory activities that supplement traditional or online courses. The virtual plants are based on Quanser physical systems, and offer credible, academically appropriate hardware experiences on desktops, laptops, or smart devices. Combining Quanser Interactive Labs with actual Quanser systems allows instructors to enrich their lectures and activities.

Motion Control

From drones and reusable rockets, to advanced robotics and self-driving vehicles, the fundamentals of control systems design and implementation are a critical skill for engineers to compete and innovate in the modern workforce. Quanser offers modeled, repeatable, and reliable control systems trainers that offer students hands-on experience using modern control tools and approaches to solve control problems that are analogous to typical modern industrial challenges.

QUARC Software

Quanser’s QUARC software adds powerful tools and capabilities to Simulink® that make the development and deployment of sophisticated real-time mechatronics and control applications easier. QUARC generates real-time code directly from Simulink-designed controllers and runs it in real-time on the Windows target — all without digital signal processing or without writing a single line of code.

Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering

Structural dynamics and analysis is a core area of research and an integral part of undergraduate and graduate curricula in civil, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. Quanser systems offer a valuablehands-on extension to bring concepts of these engineering fields into academic labs. Our motion simulators and smart structures allow you to study the response of structures and materials to vibrations caused by earthquakes, sloshing, or waves, explore control techniques to dampen these vibrations, and study topics of advanced dynamics and multi-dynamics analysis. Precise, robust and flexible, Quanser systems for structural dynamics and earthquake engineering meet the needs of educators and researchers for reliable, low maintenance, and cost-effective lab solutions.