FANUC is the largest robotics and CNC manufacturer in the world. With FANUC’s CERT program, schools can teach their students using the same robots, software and teach pendants that they will see in the workforce, at a fraction of the cost. 

FANUC’s education products include robotic arms, weld robots, collaborative robots, CNC simulators, CNC machining centers, robotics and CNC software and curriculum, and full automation systems.

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CNC Robotics
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FANUC CNC controls are the most widely-used controls in industry. There’s no better company for industrial-relevance than FANUC’s education program. Give your students the chance to work on authentic industrial controls, earn certifications, and bring valuable skills to their resume.

FANUC’s comprehensive curriculum teaches the critical aspects of CNC machine setup, operation and programming using industry-leading equipment. Student certification requires passing both an academic and practical skills test to ensure competence.

Certified Education CNC Training can fit into a range of programs that offer manufacturing and STEM courses:

  • High schools
  • Trade schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

A vast majority of robots currently used in industry are FANUC. That’s why FANUC created the CERT program to train more students to program and operate these robots.

FANUC’s Certified Education Robot Training (CERT) program can be taught in high schools, community and technical colleges, and universities. As technology merges across all sectors, schools can utilize FANUC in dedicated automation and robotics courses, manufacturing programs, and STEM classes.

Through the CERT program, instructors can receive official FANUC training and certifications. Schools will receive world-class curriculum and software for teaching a wide range of industrial robotic competencies. Click below to see all the available robots.

Ask about special features, including:

  • iRVision
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • ZDT (Zero Down Time) Technology
  • and more!