LAB Midwest Partners FANUC & Amatrol Align with Gateway in Support of FOXCONN
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April 12 – Gateway Technical College President and CEO Bryan Albrecht penned an article in The Evolllution Thursday emphasizing the importance of partnerships in preparing students for the next economy.

“In a world where technology influences nearly every aspect of our life’s work, it is imperative that we educate through a perspective of technology and innovation.  Gateway Technical College was founded in 1911 with a mission focused on preparing youth and adults for emerging careers in a changing economy. Today, like in 1911, Gateway is preparing students for the next economy.”

Albrecht highlighted partnerships with LAB Midwest suppliers Amatrol and FANUC as being instrumental in Gateway’s Industry 4.0  transformation:

“To better understand this transformation, Gateway has formed partnerships with industries such as Amatrol, FANUC, Rockwell and Foxconn. Forging partnerships with industry is not a new concept for Gateway….”

See the rest of the article in The Evolllution

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