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In this tech-driven world, every job requires some degree of computer science skills. No matter the career pathway they choose, your students will be using digital technology in their job. So it’s important that schools engage students in technology education, start building foundational knowledge of computer science (CS) skills, digital safe practices, and career awareness as early as elementary school, and then have the ability to nurture those skills for students who have an aptitude for computer science through middle and high school and into their post-secondary pathway.

LAB Midwest has partnered with Mastery Coding to empower schools to do just that. Mastery Coding’s platform provides industry-leading courses in Computer Science, Web and Game Development, and Academic Esports. Your students will develop the skills they need for high-paying technology careers. Not only that, the platform also enables students to earn professional certifications and build a digital portfolio that demonstrates their CS skills.

Did you know that the average computer science salary in the U.S. is $103,084? Within CS, your students can work in amazing careers as IT professionals, coders, web developers, application engineers, computer programmers, analysts, designers, game developers, data scientists and more. And since CS is needed in every industry, your students can put their skills to work in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, hospitality, finance, education…you name it!

5 Reasons Why Mastery Coding Is the Best Computer Science Curriculum

There are a lot of platforms available to educators to teach computer science. Here’s why Mastery Coding stands above the rest:

1. Engaging Curriculum

Mastery Coding curriculum uses the Unity platformThe best way to engage students in learning is to meet them where their interests already are. Mastery Coding does just that. Programs like Academic Esports will excite your gamers and help turn them into makers. Your STEM students will love to dig into the back end of coding, learning how to design and test their own apps and games. Your traditional Career and Tech Ed students will love that they can build something and watch it come to life before their eyes.

The project-based curriculum means students are putting their knowledge into practice right away, building games, animations and web pages. And for the elementary students, the curriculum keeps them engaged and learning how to live and learn in a digital world safely.

2. Industry-Relevant Skills

Relevance is always key to our mission at LAB Midwest. With Mastery Coding, students aren’t just dragging-and-dropping boxes in an interactive sandbox. They’re learning the actual coding scripts and languages used in the workforce – like JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, and C#.

Game and App Development courses, as well as the Unity Certification course, offer a direct pathway to the industry-recognized Unity series of certifications. These include:

Through these courses, students are able to build a digital portfolio of their work. This includes any games/apps they’ve developed, code they’ve written, web pages they’ve designed, and certifications they’ve earned. They can use these portfolios to apply for jobs and internships and for college applications.

3. Standards-Based Curriculum

Like industry-relevance, standards-based curriculum is vital for educators. You’ve been tasked with aligning your course offerings to standards defined by your state. With all the coding curriculum platforms available, it can be tricky to find one that fits your state’s requirements. Good news…Mastery Coding has done this work for you! They’ve aligned their curriculum to your state’s standards. (Scroll down to the form at the bottom of the page to ask us about your state’s specific requirements and alignment to Mastery Coding).

Additionally, Mastery Coding’s curriculum is all cross-disciplinary. So while students are learning the hard computer science skills, they’re also gaining skills in computational thinking, business management, leadership, intercommunication, project planning and more.

4. Flexible Teaching Delivery

Since it’s web-based, Mastery Coding’s platform is designed to fit any school’s schedule, formatting or delivery of instruction. Any of the options below work great with this curriculum!

It’s also designed to be flexible for students of any skill level. Those who already have background knowledge or an aptitude for coding can easily work ahead and with more complexity of coding, while others can keep their pace simplified.

5. No Teacher Experience Needed

Most schools know computer science is essential – but many (especially elementary schools) don’t have a dedicated CS teacher. Mastery Coding has built a platform that enables an instructor with absolutely no computer science background to deliver the learning. Everything needed – lessons, videos, guides, assignments, etc. – is all pre-loaded into the curriculum.

Mastery Coding also provides onboarding training to all new teachers, as well as ongoing support throughout your semester, so you can feel confident delivering your courses. As always, the LAB Midwest team is here to help make your classes valuable, industry-relevant and engaging for your students!

Mastery Coding Computer Science Courses

Interested, or just want to learn a little more? Take a look at all the different courses Mastery Coding has to offer.

If you’d like a more in-depth demonstration of the platform, fill out the form below to chat with our team about specific course offerings you may be interested in!


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