CAN Bus System & Operation Trainer with Stand


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College

Learning Topics: Automotive & Transportation, Electronics, Heavy Vehicles, Light Vehicles

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The CAN Bus System & Operation Trainer (MEGLOC-CANbus) from Megatech is a full operational CAN bus system that emulates vehicle functionality, utilizing 4 MIC Electronics Control Units to represent the Instrument panel, Front ECU, Powertrain control, and Rear ECU. Using this system learners can construct a fully functional CAN bus system, experience faults, and employ hardware and software tools to gain practical experience in fault diagnosis procedures.

Learning Outcomes

This training system allows learners to set up a fully working CAN bus system that includes things like inserting faults and using hardware and software for fault diagnosis. Other learning topics include:

  • Advantages of CAN
  • ECU action and function
  • CAN message structure
  • Startup routines
  • Wiring in CAN bus systems
  • Intelligent design
  • CAN bus diagnosis
  • Scan tool use in fault diagnosis and release

CAN Bus System Product Details

This training solution includes component carriers base board, power supplies, storage trays and is supplied with a full curriculum pack including teachers’ notes. This trainer also comes with:

  • OBD Socket
  • Custom Truck Engineering Panel
  • 5 Education ECUs
  • Power Supply
  • Demonstrates Common Multiplexing Circuit Controls via High Speed CANbus Network
  • Build nodes and module connections
  • Fault insertion

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