CRX 10iA Collaborative Robot

#CRX 10iA

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Collaborative Robots, Industrial Technology, Robotics

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The FANUC CRX 10iA is a compact, lightweight collaborative robot (cobot) designed for easy installation and programming. The CRX series includes numerous models with different reach and payloads to fit any classroom application and budget.

CRX robots can come with a number of configurations and options, including carts and welding robot options! No matter your course or application, the FANUC CRX will teach your students next-gen cobot technology.

Learning Outcomes

The FANUC CRX 10iA introduces a whole new dimension of industrial robot programming made easy for beginners. The CRX series offers an all-new FANUC programming interface with simple drag and drop technology on a touchscreen pendant. The ease of programming paired with FANUC’s world-renowned technology, proven reliability, and sensitive contact detection allows the CRX Cobots to work safely alongside students in the classroom.

FANUC CRX Product Details

There is a CRX model that fits every application. Take a look at these featured models for education:

CRX-10iA: A standard-sized arm great for teaching more complex industrial applications.

  • 10kg payload
  • 1,249mm reach
  • 190mm footprint

CRX-10iA/L: The extra-long arm enables a unique underflip motion for more efficient programming and a wider range of applications.

  • 10kg payload
  • 1,418mm reach
  • 190mm footprint


The CRX is designed to be used with minimal programming knowledge. FANUC provides eLearning for the CRX that teaches setup and installation, manual operation, lead-through programming, pick-and-place operations, and using iRVision capabilities.

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More about the FANUC CRX 10iA and 10iAL:

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